Account Setup Step 2: Style and Email Defaults

Logo Setup

You have the option to upload an image that will be utilized on the forms you create within your account. The image will be resized for you so it can be used throughout the platform. Higher resolution images are better - but we'll resize it for you when needed. This can be added at a later date if you don’t have one available.

Color Setup

Consult your organization's brand guide for the official font family and colors. These should match your website as much possible.

Choose your Font, Button and Link colors. You can use the color selector to eyeball the colors or utilize hexadecimal values from your organizations style guide. You’ll be able to customize how these colors are applied on your widgets and forms, however, as a general guideline, they are used as follows:

  • Font Color: Any text in text fields and callout boxes on forms.
  • Button Color: Draw attention to Donate Now buttons, or match them thematically.
  • Link Color: If you'd like hyperlinked text to look differently that the standard blue link (#0645AD, by the way), here's where you can change that across all forms.

Select the font-family your forms and emails will utilize. You can change and update these style settings once you have access to your account.

Once your account has been successfully established, you can go back into your account Settings, and under the "Switch to..." menu, select "Look & Feel".  You'll notice an "Advanced Options" link that will make other global design settings available to you:

Click the Advanced Options link to open a new window with expanded options for other form and messaging choices, such as button and form field shapes, callout box borders, etc.:

Set Outgoing Email Defaults

Outgoing email defaults are used as the default for each campaign, but will be editable when you create an email blast. They include:

  • From Name: First name and Last name, Title
  • From Address: A valid email address from which you will send all emails*
  • Reply-to Address: A valid email address to which replies will be sent

* NOTE: Yahoo Mail and AOL emails are not supported as From addresses due to their email authentication policies, or DMARC. Unfortunately, there is not a workaround for this. The easiest way to combat policies such as these is by having a From address with a private domain like

You can read more about DMARC here.

Hit the "Lets Go!" button and you will find yourself on the dashboard of your account.

Next Step: Configure social sharing

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