Account Setup Step 4: Payment Gateways

What is a Payment Gateway?

In order to accept funds through fundraising forms, your organization will need to select and setup a Payment Gateway.  You'll sometimes hear these referred to as Merchant Gateways, Gateway Processors and Merchant Accounts. These terms can mean very different components of the payment process, but they tend to be used interchangeably for better or worse.

If you're interested in learning more about how Payment Gateways function, we recommend this diagram provided by Idealware's website which explains gateway/merchant accounts and how they work together.

Finding Where You Can Configure Your Payment Gateways

Once you've logged into your account, you'll see four menu icons in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in.  The menu icons look like this:

Selecting the "hammer and wrench" icon will take you to your account's Settings page, where you can configure default settings that include your choice of payment gateway.  Once on the Settings page, select the "Switch to..." menu towards the right of the screen.  The pulldown menu will reveal the choice of "Payment Gateways".  Select this, and you'll be taken to the configuration page.  Here's how you get there:


Choosing a Gateway

Once you're on the "Your Payment Gateways" page, look to the right-hand side to find the "Create My Gateway" button.  You'll also notice that most of this page is taken up by a field where you'll soon be able to see your gateway selection or selections -- it is possible to have more than one Gateway.  You can come here if you ever need to edit Gateway information.  For now, this guide assumes you've yet to set up any means of collecting donations, and are setting up a Payment Gateway for the first time.

Once you've clicked on the "Create My Gateway" button, you will see two choices:

  1. WePay
  2. Merchant Services

Choosing one or the other will prompt you to go through the steps of whichever gateway you select.  If you have questions about WePay, please review their user documentation.  For Merchant Services (a.k.a.: CardConnect) assistance, please contact Salsa Support

NOTE: Salsa does not charge any additional fees on top of the gateway fees.  The payment gateways have their own fee structures.  Please contact WePay for the latest pricing information, or reach out to Salsa Support for pricing through your Merchant Account (CardConnect).

Set up a new payment gateway: WePay

If you're setting up a WePay account, your setup page will first ask you for a Gateway Nickname. This is a quick, user-friendly internal reference name for the gateway that you'll see used around Salsa:

You'll next be asked to choose how to best describe your organization. This is information required by your gateway, so pick the option that best fits your org.

After that you have the option to fill out the "Add a Description" section. This section is used internally in Salsa for you to help identify different gateways if you have more than one.  Notice that it's marked with an "*", which means it's a mandatory field.  This is unlike other description fields you'll encounter in Salsa, so make sure you fill it in.  If you're not sure what to put, just say something like "primary payment gateway".  You can always edit this later.


Next, fill in the fields under the "Organization's General Contact Info" heading.  This will more than likely be auto-populated with information you already filled in at the time you set up your Salsa Engage, CRM, or Donate account, but complete any fields left blank.  Make sure you put in a valid email address, so the gateway can send you a confirmation email.  They're mandatory, as seen by the "*"!

Once you're done, click the "Create My Gateway" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen:

You've now created the gateway in Salsa and also send all the appropriate information to WePay. Look for a confirmation email from the gateway shortly after you submit your information.  If you don't see the email within a few minutes of submission, check to make sure it didn't go into a spam or junk folder.

After you click Confirm in the email you receive, you will be taken to a webpage to set a password and agree to grant Salsa access to your account.

Next, verify your information by clicking the Verify Now button.  You will be moved onto the next section to fill out your personal information.

Fill out all of the fields on the personal information page to continue setting up your account.

Click the Next button and you will be directed back to the previous page so you can link your bank account. This will allow for any funds that you receive via donation widgets to be distributed to your account.

You will need your routing number, account number and the name of your bank. You can also choose how often to receive your funds -- daily, weekly (every Monday) or monthly (1st of every month).

You are now all set up to accept payments on widgets you create in Salsa! Just hit the Finish button to confirm everything.

You will now find that your payment gateway in Salsa will have a status of “Ready” this means you can create a fundraising form and start accepting donations! If you need to make any changes to any of your payment gateways, you can access them in your account settings.

Once you've been using WePay for a while, you'll be able to go back to the list of Payment Gateways, click on your WePay account and see some details like your balance, amount details, and your registration status.   Here's an example of some of the transaction details you can see:



Set up a new payment gateway: Merchant Services

It's very likely that you have been given a Merchant Services account when you signed up with DonorPro, or with SalsaCRM (which includes Salsa Engage and DonorPro).  Merchant Services uses CardConnect as it's payment processor.  At that time, you're given a Merchant ID.  This will be the primary means of connecting your Salsa account to that Payment Gateway. 

The first step after selecting "Merchant Services" from the available Payment Gateway options will be to fill out the mandatory fields.  All save for one (the "Does Business As" field) is mandatory, but it's best you fill them all in.  The "Does Business As" field is a user-friendly name that will appear on credit card statements for donations.  You can put your organization's name there, if you'd like.

The Merchant ID fields will be your own number given to you at the time you set yourself up through DonorPro, or whenever you were set up with the DonorPro component of SalsaCRM.  If you do not have this number, contact Salsa Support.

The bottom-most fields allow you to choose which currency you'd like to accept between Canadian and US dollars, and which cards you'll accept or not accept.  The "Currency" field is a pulldown menu that looks like this when selected:

The final step before clicking the "Create my Gateway" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen is to choose any credit cards you will not accept:

By default, all cards listed are accepted.  Selecting one of the card icons will gray it out, and the Gateway not accept payment from them.

Once you're done, click the "Create my Gateway" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

For the Merchant Services Gateway, you'll have no further setup requirements.  You're all done!

If You Have Multiple Gateways...

If you have both a Merchant Services AND a WePay Gateway set up, you can choose which you'd like to use when creating a new Fundraising form.  You can choose from a pulldown menu on the "Compose" section of your form-building process:

NOTE: You'll only see this option if you have more than one Gateway on your Salsa account.  If you have only one Payment Gateway set up, the Fundraising form will default to using that Gateway.

Next Step: Invite your team and start using your account

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