Application Settings Overview

Before you Begin

Locate the hammer and wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. That’s where the application settings live, and if you don’t see that icon it means you don’t have the right permissions to access them and will need to contact an administrator at your organization.

The application settings area of Salsa allows you to update a lot of the information and settings you configured during your initial account setup and also allows you to take things a little further with additional customizations like configuring the text on your subscription management page.

The Basics

Application Settings are managed on the Set Org Details tab of the settings workflow. You can change from one setting to another using the Switch to drop down list at the far right.

Editing Settings After Initial Account Setup

All of the following settings behave in exactly the same way as the initial account setup. This section provides you an opportunity to update them after the initial setup workflow.

  • Organization’s Profile (see above)
  • Look & Feel
  • Email Defaults
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Payment Gateways

Additional (Post-Account Setup) Settings

The application settings area provides you with the opportunity to configure a few additional settings which were not configurable during your initial account setup.



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