Email Step 3: Targets

Select the Audience

Who Are You Connecting With? -- Next you need to decide which supporters will be sent this email. You can send to your full list by simply clicking the Entire List button.

Or you can choose specifically who to send to, just click the Selected segments of your list, or specific supporters button. The first option will be to choose a segment of your list, these will have need to have been setup ahead of time in the Audience module. Start typing in the segment search box and all of your segments that meet those search conditions will be shown. To choose one hit the + symbol.

You can also add specific supporters if they are not part of the segment you chose. Start typing in the search box and all supporters who match your search conditions will be shown. Hit the + symbol next to the supporters you want to add. You can add as many as you want.

Who should NOT receive this email? -- The last step of this section is to choose who shouldn’t receive this email. Depending on what type of email this is, you have the option to exclude subscribers who are not interested in those email types, or ignore preferences and send to subscribers who aren't necessarily interested in those types of emails. By default, we will automatically not send to supporters who have opt-ed out of the Email Campaign that you are sending to. You have the ability to override preferences and send to them anyway. However, this is not recommended because they specifically took the time to tell you they don’t want to receive this type of email. This could lead to a full unsubscribe or the message being marked as spam by the supporter.  Either of these options would lead to poor email deliverability for your organization.



Similar to the above selection you can choose whole segments who won’t get the message or just individual supporters.


Click the Next: Compose Your Email button in the lower right hand corner to draft up your message.

Step 4: Compose your email

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