Email Series Step 2: Settings

First step is to give the email series a reference name, this field is required to proceed with the process. The reference name will be searchable and only used internally.

Next step, while not required, gives you the space to provide some additional information on this series.

Next is to choose who should receive the Welcome Series.  By default, every new subscriber will receive this series.  You have a couple of other options available to you, such as "Only new subscribers in an existing segment" and "Only new subscribers who were added this way".

The next option is to only send the series to new subscribers who enter an existing segment. Type in the find segments… search box to list your segments.

The last option for sending is to add only new supporters added this way: which will give you granular control over when this welcome series should send.

  • On a Specific Form - This option will let you search your forms and choose a specific one to attribute this welcome series to.
  • Through an Import - This option will send the welcome series to new subscribers from an import.
  • Entered Manually - This option will send the welcome series to new subscribers who are entered manually.

The last option of this section is to specify when this welcome series ends. By default it will be set to None, don’t end until all messages are sent. This option will ensure that all messages get sent to the new subscriber.

The other options will stop the series if a particular action occurs.

  • None, don't end until all messages are sent - This ensures the entire series goes out as scheduled.  The only thing that will stop the series is if the supporter unsubscribes.
  • End if the supporter clicks a link - If the supporter clicks on any link in an email blast or welcome series the welcome series ends for that supporter.
  • End if the supporter makes a donation - If the supporter makes a donation on one of your fundraising forms the welcome series ends for that supporter.
  • The supporter has adjusted their subscription settings - If the supporter changes which email campaigns they want to subscribe to, the welcome series will end.
  • The supporter’s initial donation was refunded or failed - If the supporters first donation failed or was refunded the supporter will no longer receive the welcome series.

NOTE:  If the supporter fully unsubscribes from your list, the welcome series will end automatically!

Click Next: Create Email Flow to setup the actual emails that will get sent.

Step 3: Design emails and send options

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