Account Setup Step 1: Admin and Org Info

The Basics

You will receive an email from Salsa containing a link that will lead you to the account signup process. If your account is already set up, you will only need to fill out the Administrator Information section. If you already started this process or just want to login you can access the login page here.

Administrator Information

First, let’s learn a little more about you. Your email address will automatically be populated from the email you received. First, set up a password for your account. Your password must be at least 6 characters in length. Add uppercase letters, numbers and symbols to strengthen your password. 


Then, set your two security questions by choosing the questions you would like to use and then typing in your responses. The security questions can be updated once you get access to your account and will be utilized if you ever forget your password and need to reset it.


Click the Continue button to move onto some organizational information. 

Organization Information

Enter the name of your organization. If you are registered with multiple accounts, the organization name will tell you (and us) which account you are currently accessing. 

Next, enter a contact email for your organization. Make sure this is the best email address for the public to use if they have a question... any question. So you may not want this to go to personal email -- consider something like or

You can also set what the URL will look like when supporters visit published forms. Please only use standard letters and numbers, special characters will be automatically stripped out of this field.

The last thing we will need is a primary contact phone number and the physical address of your organization. This information will be added into the emails you send in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Once you have filled everything out, hit the Save & Keep Going button to move on. 


Next Step: Set the styles for your emails and forms.

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