Social Post Step 3: Compose

The first step of the next section is to choose which social media accounts you are going to use. Just click the image of the account you wish to use, you can select as many as you want. You will be able to decide among all the accounts you already synced with your account.

Next you will write the content of the message you want to send. If you're tweeting, remember to keep it short and sweet! You've only got 140 characters, and that includes the image link if you're including one. You can make your URL shorter by using a service like to keep other links nice and short. One more quick pro-tip, to ensure all of your followers can see every tweet, don't lead with an @username or else only folks who follow you AND that user will be able to see the tweet.

You'll notice you have two choices:  Add an Image, and Add a Link.

If you want to include an image with your social media post click the Choose an image button under the Add an Image heading.  I'll get to the Add a Link section in a moment, but I'll talk about image selection first.

You can select an image already added in the assets module by clicking the thumbnail of the image. Once selected, click the Update Image button to add the image to your post. 

You also have the ability to upload a new image if you don’t already have it in your assets module. To add new images click the Add images to your Library tab and then click the Browse button.

Once you select the image click the Upload This Image button to add the image, or choose Select a Different Image to do just that. You can hit Cancel to get out of this window altogether.

You will now see the image below your message. You can remove it by hitting the “Remove” button, or return to Your Image Library with the "Edit image" button.



The Add a Link section allows you to include a web address, or URL, to your post.  You can quickly select from the list of your own pages, or display a link to an external page by using the appropriate tabs.

As you can see in the above image, the Your Pages tab includes a list of the donation, sign-up, and petition pages you've created within your account.  Select from the list, and then click "Add it!" to place the selected link in your social media post.  By default, the Track when someone clicks this link check box is selected, but you can uncheck this box if you would rather not track this information.

To add an external page's URL to your post, select the "An External Page" tab.

Here, you can add in the website you'd like followers to click.  Again, you're given the option to track the number of clicks.  Once you've included the URL, click the "Add it!" button.

Once you have the message drafted click the Next: Schedule This Post button in the lower right hand corner.


Step 4: Publish

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