Email Step 5: Schedule and Send

First, you will review who the message is getting sent to. You will see the total amount of targeted supporters and what segments/individually added supporters it is based off of.

If you've elected to send an A/B test, you'll see an additional field with options to help you select which percentages to use and how the "winner" is chosen.

As we mentioned on the previous page, you typically want to only send to around 20% of your list, in order to get decent data.  You can also tell Salsa to automatically determine the winner after a period of time you set, or that you'll be the one to manually pick a winner.

If the targeting count looks right, and if you've set up any needed A/B testing criteria (if that's not present, you don't have to worry about it), the next step is to send yourself a test message to confirm what it looks like when you actually get it in your inbox. Type in an email into the box and click the Add button to add that email to the test. If you leave the Save these addresses for future tests checkbox checked while adding emails they will be saved so all future email blasts created will automatically have those test emails added.

After you have all the emails added click the Send the Test! button to send a test message to each of the emails listed. After confirming the message looks good you will decide when the email is going out. If you want to send it right away just leave Send Immediately checked and click the Send Now button.

If you want schedule the email to send at a future date and time click the Schedule for a later date checkbox and two new boxes will appear. Click in the first one to set a date and then use the next dropdown box to choose a time. The timezone is based off the local timezone of the campaign manager saving the time. Click the Send Later button and your email will go out at the date and time you set.

If you need to stop a scheduled blast the option will be present on the Status tab.

Canceling the blast removes it from the send queue so you can make modifications and reschedule it to send at whatever date and time you would like.

Step 6: Analyze published emails

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