Message Topics

The Basics

When to use it

Here, you'll be able to configure the categories of email blast campaigns you plan to send out in the future.  These email campaign categories will be utilized to:

  • Evaluate email blast performance
  • Allow supporters to opt-out of receiving specific categories of emails on your subscription management form (which is better than them opting out of ALL correspondence!)

How to get there

To add new message topics (or create new ones), click the tools icon in the upper right corner and then Switch to Message Topics.

Default Message Topics

Message Topics are used to categorize your email campaigns.  By default you will have two categories:

  • Newsletter emails
  • Fundraising emails

How Message Topics Are Used

Evaluate performance

In the Insights tool, you'll be able to view your messaging statistics.


Manage subscriptions

At the bottom of email blasts, your supporters will be able to Unsubscribe (stop receiving all correspondence from your organization) or Change Subscription Preferences (stop receive emails from specific Message Topics).

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