Manage My Account


To manage your account, click on your name and select any of the following options from the dropdown list:

  • My Profile
  • My Account
  • Log Out

My Profile

To navigate to the profile manager, select My Profile from the dropdown list.

On your profile you can edit your own:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Contact email - The email at which you want to be contacted about this account
  • Contact phone - The phone number at which you want to be contacted about this account
  • Timezone preferences
  • Get started screen - Select whether you want to see the Get Started screen every time you log in, or bypass that step and go straight to you dashboard

Click Save after any changes and you’ll be good to go! Your profile can be viewed by other campaign managers if they have access to the Manage Users section of the Settings area.

My Account

Are you looking to update your password or change other secure information? To do so, you’ll click on My Account...

...and then enter your current password

One Account - Multiple Organizations

If you work with multiple organizations, your account information will be the same no matter which one you are logged into. Here is what you will see when you log in if you are a campaign manager within multiple organizations.

First, log in (like normal):

Second, select the organization you'd like to work in during this session:

Logging Out

When you’re ready to leave for the day, navigate up to your name and click Log Out. If you are working on a shared or public computer it’s important to log out when you are done to help ensure that your information stays safe.


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