Add and Edit Supporters

The Basics

To add a single supporter click the Add a New Supporters button in the upper right hand corner and clicking "Add a single supporter". If you are looking to add supporters in bulk, check out the Import User Guide.

The first bit of information we need is the Email address of the supporter. This is the only field which is required in order to create a new Supporter record.

By default new supporters will be added into the system as Subscribed which will allow for emails to be sent to them.

A supporter who is marked as Unsubscribed will be unable to be resubscribed manually via the supporters profile. The supporter will have to visit a signup form you created and re-subscribe themselves by signing up again.

The 'add an image of the supporter' feature is currently still in development.

The next bit of optional information is the supporter’s naming preferences.

If you have the supporter’s phone number you can type it in the Phone field.

Next, you can add the mailing address information for a supporter if you have it.

If you know the supporter's 'handle' for the social network, you can enter that. Or, just enter the URL for that supporter's social media profile or page. For instance, our Twitter account here at Salsa could be entered as 'salsalabs' or ''. The same goes for G+ & Facebook, as well!

For now, you can list the supporter's social media accounts for informational purposes only. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

Click the Save this Supporter! button to complete the addition of adding this supporter.

Custom Fields

If you have created Custom Fields, you can click on either of the Custom tabs at the top of the supporter profile to save that information as well.

Fill out the custom fields you want to update and then click Save this Supporter! to save the custom field information.

View and Edit Supporter

To view or edit an existing supporter click on any of the columns of the supporter you want to view.

Once viewing a supporter you can edit all the same fields that are available when adding a new supporter.

At the top of supporter profile you will find some additional tabs beyond the standard supporter information.

You've been introduced to the Custom Field tabs.  You can review them by selecting them here.

Further to the right along the row of tabs, you'll see Supporter's Groups.  This section will list every group this particular supporter is a member of and how many members are in each group they are a part of. To edit the group click the group name.

The last section is Supporter’s Activity, which contains additional details about the supporters giving history and level of engagement with your organization.

In the donation section you will see a list of donations by date. The 30d, 90d, 1y and ALL buttons will automatically filter the list of transactions by those timeframes.

If you have a specific date range you want to filter by click the date dropdown and select the range of days and click Apply.

Total Amount Given will show the amount the supporter has given within the timeframe you selected. It is broken down into one-time vs. recurring giving.

Largest Donations will show the largest and average donation of the supporter vs. organization averages in the timeframe in which you selected.

Total Donations Given will show the number of donations the supporter has given within the timeframe you selected. It is broken down into one-time vs. recurring giving.

The Communication History section is also limited to the date range you choose at the top of the Supporter’s Activity section. You will see a graph of Emails sent, opened and clicked.

To change the data shown in this graph, click the box next to the stat you want to remove. In this example, if I only wanted to see the number of messages the supporter Clicked and Opened, I would click the orange box next to Sent to remove it from the graph.

To the right in the Communication History section will be a graph showing Organization Averages so you can compare them to the supporters click/open history.

At the very bottom of this section a list of emails this supporter was sent will be listed. Clicking the name of a blast will take you to the See the results report of that specific blast.

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