Email Step 6: Analyze

After you have sent an email blast and given your supporters some time to open and read it, you can get some details on how the email performed. Navigate to the Email section of the Messaging module.

Below the graph showing your last 30 email blasts you will see a list of all emails, click the reference name of the completed email you want to review.

Total Emails sent is the total number of supporters targeted in your email. The delivery rate will show you what percentage your message reached. This number will be less than 100% if you have hardbounces or if your email was refused by an ISP.

A "soft bounce" occurs when the recipient's mailbox is full or temporarily unavailable -- could be for a number of reasons. We automatically retry to send soft bounces for 24 hours after the email blast was sent.

A hard bounce occurs when a mailbox is permanently unavailable which can be because of a bad email address or a cancelled account. We will automatically unsubscribe a supporter who hard bounces.

Open rate is the number of supporters who opened the email blast. We track this via an invisible 1px by 1px image that if loaded tracks as an open.

Click rate is the number of supporters that clicked on a link within the email blast. We also count a click as an open. We do not count a click if it was on an unsubscribe link.

Conversion rate is the percentage of supporters who received an email and then went on to complete a form linked in your email -- such as a signup or donation widget.

Unsubscribe rate is the percentage of supporters who unsubscribed from your organization via the unsubscribe link included in your email blast. This does not include unsubscribes via hardbounce.

Marked as spam is the number of supporters who marked this particular email blast as spam. Supporters who do this will also be unsubscribed from your organization.

You can export your results as a CSV file under the details tab with columns such as "Links Clicked", and "Open Date":


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