Fundraising Insights: Account-Wide Metrics

At the top of the section the three counts are a snapshot of your account since it was created.

Total Funds Raised is the total amount raised from both one-time and recurring donations.

Total Number of Donations is the amount of donations your account has received, both one-time and recurring.

Total Donors is the number of individual supporters who have made at least one donation to your organization.

In the lower section you will see several graphs. The 30d, 90d, 1y and ALL buttons will automatically filter the information included in the graphs by those timeframes.

If you have a specific date range you want to filter by click the date dropdown and select the range of days and click Apply.

To modify what information is returned in the graphs you can toggle on/off the options by clicking the colored box next to the option you want to add/remove.



Funds Raised by Donor Type shows the amount raised total and then splits out the amount between a supporter who has donated before and a supporter who donated for the first time.

Funds Raised by Donation Type breaks down your donations between recurring and one-time donations for the date range you specified.

Average Donation Amount gives you a breakdown of donation amounts by new and returning donors. It will also give you donation amount averages for your organization.

Number of Donors provides information on New vs. Returning donors.

Number of Donations is a breakdown between the number of one-time vs. recurring donations.

Average Number of Donations gives you a breakdown of the number of donations by new and returning donors. It will also give you averages of the number of donations your organization receives. 

Fundraising Trends gives you a daily snapshot of the total amount raised, number of donations and the average amount of those donations.

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