Release: 3/31/15

Grow Your List with Petitions

A new feature, Petitions, has been added to your Salsa Engage Activities. Just navigate to your Activities, then click the Petition tab to create a new Petition.

Features include an optional “Call-to-Action” button, display choices for your signature list, and goal tracking features to help you monitor your list growth and show results to your supporters.

Ready to get started? Check out the full documentation for petitions.

Configure New Facebook Sharing Options

When publishing forms, you’ll see an Additional Settings button, like so:

from which you can select and add “Facebook Title”, “Facebook Description”, and “Facebook Image” fields to your forms.

Add an encouraging message, a clear title, and an eye-catching image and the display and appearance of the hosted form will be much more appealing when you or your supporters share the form on Facebook.

Discover Easier Page Publishing

Page settings and publishing will now be handled through a single tab across all Activity forms. Previously, you would need to click to confirm you wanted a hosted page as well, but this step has been removed.

Manage Your Imports Through Audience

We’ve made the Imports option easier to spot by moving it from under the Salsa Engage Settings to your Audience dashboard.

Find Just What You Need With Documentation Links

Many pages in Salsa Engage have been updated with help text to direct you to just the documentation you need for that feature. For example, check out the line we added for fundraising forms:

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