Pre-Defined Groups

Find Your Pre-Defined Groups

To find the Groups which come pre-loaded in your account:

  1. Navigate to the Supporters section.
  2. By default, you'll open the Supporters tab.  Click on the Groups tab next to the Supporters tab.
  3. Look below the Groups Insight interactive graph - the Pre-Defined Groups tab will be selected by default.

Pre-Defined Groups

The list of all Pre-Defined Groups is interactive. You can search the list for keywords, or select and Pre-Defined Group for further group details.


After you click on any Pre-Defined Group row in the list, you can toggle back and forth between the rules by which Supporters are put into this group and the actual supporter details for those in the group.

Social Subscribers

Any subscriber who has a Twitter or Facebook handle in their supporter profile.


Inactive Subscribers

The following groups show you supporters who have been inactive on your list.

Has Never Made a Donation - These people have never donated to your organization via a Fundraising form (Please note, they may have donated offline or through some other means). You might send them an email with a donation ask and a link to a Fundraising form with slightly different wording than the donation ask you'd send to people who've donated previously.

Has Never Signed a Petition - These people have never signed a Petition (again, they may have signed an offline petition or a petition you created via a different online platform). If you sent an email call to action with a link back to a Petition, the wording in the email might be slightly different for this group of your list.

Fundraising Groups

The following groups allow you to customize the donation requests and other messaging based upon past donation behavior. Individualizing your donation asks can improve your overall fundraising outcomes.

Non-Donor Subscribers - Subscribers who are on your list, receive your emails, but have never donated

Donor Subscribers - Any Subscriber who has donated via one of your Fundraising forms

Has Made a Donation - Anyone on your list who has previously made a donation via a Fundraising form (in any amount).

Source Groups

The following groups allow you to analyze data by source - how people originally got onto your list in the first place. In other areas of Salsa (such as the Insights section), you can filter your results and analytics and compare and contrast performance. Who is more likely to sign my petitions? Those who originally came into my list via a petition, or are my people who's source is a fundraising form more likely to sign petitions in the future?

Source is a Sign-up Form - These supporter records were originally created in your account when these people submitted a Sign-up form.

Source is a Petition Form -These supporter records were originally created in your account when these people signed a Petition form.

Source is a Fundraising Form - These supporter records were originally created in your account when these people made an online donation via a Fundraising form.


NOTE:  To reiterate a note from the Groups Overview page: whenever supporters are added to groups, either automatically or by you, you may not see the addition instantaneously.  There is a nightly batch process that runs on the servers which will place supporter records in their appropriate groups.

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