Petition Step 1: The Basics

When to use it

Petitions entice people to indicate their support for your cause. A well-crafted petition not only acts as an effective rallying cry, but captures supporter information to help you build your list and further your organization’s goals.

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How to get there

Once you’ve logged in, head over to the Activities tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard and select the Petition tab.


Petition Dashboard

Welcome!  You've just arrived at the Petition's dashboard!

Let’s take a moment to look at the various components you see when you first select the Petitions tab.

Petitions Insight

This area will be blank at first, but will populate over time as the number of petitions grow.  You'll go from seeing this:

to seeing this: 

...with just one published Petition!

You’ll notice the date range in the upper right-hand portion of the Petition Insight window.

This allows you to select the range of information reported.

Moderate Comments

By default, Petition pages are moderated.  There's more about Moderated Comments later on.

Create a Petition

We’ll get to this in the next step.

Petitions list and the Search Field

These allow you to quickly search by a Petition’s Reference Name or Description, or delete selected forms.

Next Step: Setup a Petition


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