Petition Step 4: Publish

Publish Details

Right away, you're given your newly-minted form's URL along with the message, "Your form is published."  You'll notice that the URL is a hot link, so you can click it and be taken right to the page.

You can also see the available date, which shows when the page was published and made available for use.

If you do not wish to have your form published just yet, scroll down to the lower left-hand corner of the page.  From there, you can select the cogwheel icon and choose the "Make it Private" link from the subsequent menu:

Remember, if you don't like how the URL reads, you can change the part after the slash to whatever you'd like.  Just go back a step by using the "Back: Design My Form" button in the lower left-hand corner.

Once you're on your Build Form page, click the "Design" button from your Editor Controls menu choices:

Then, choose the "Page Preferences" tab at the top of the Update Design Basics window, and scroll down.  You'll see the "Page Settings" category, with "Page Title" and "URL" available.  "URL" is where you can alter the URL.  The information at the front of the slash is not editable, as it's provided by the Salsa platform.

After you've made your changes, you'll noticed that the "Publish Your Form" button is now called, "Re-Publish Your Form".  Selecting it will apply your changes, and will put your altered page out on the internet.

Widgets for External Pages

Now that your form is alive and living on the internet, you have some new options available to you.

1. Widget for Button --  You have the ability to embed code for a button which links to your new form, as well as the ability to edit the button itself.  To edit what the button says, along with the font and background colors, select the "Configure Button" link below the button preview.

This will give you a window where you can alter the button's look and message.  Once you have the button the way you want it, hit the Save Configuration button in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

2. Form Widget Code -- If you’ve already got your own website up and running, you can copy and paste the code provided to host the Petition page yourself:

Admin level access to your website is typically required to use this widget code, so get in touch with your organization's webmaster if you're unsure if this part applies to you.

Petition Step 5: Analyze

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