Release: 4/21/15

Manage Your Activities

We’ve broken the Activities options into two types: Activities, which includes sign-up forms, fundraising forms, and petitions, and Messaging which includes email blasts, automated email series, receipt confirmations, and social posts. You can see the changes in navigation here:

Categorize Your Email with “Topics”

We updated the “Campaign Categories” label to “Topics,” so that it’s a little more clear how you can use this field.

Easily Insert Links

An “insert links” feature was added to the tools so that it’s even easier for you to find and use your internal pages.

Monitor Your Results

The Insight reports were updated to include a number of new details, including data for your petitions.

Customize Your Backgrounds

You can now not only select an image for your background on hosted pages, but you can also choose whether that image should be fixed or can be scrolled when the form is viewed.

Encourage Your Supporters to Opt In for More

Once only available on fundraising forms, sign-up and petition forms now also give you an option to display “opt-in options” for your supporters like so:

Discover New Audience Segments

Salsa Engage's pre-defined segments help you better identify how your supporters connect with you.

We've added a few more, including petition segments and segments to find your supporters by their original source.




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