Release: 5/19/15

Not seeing the new stuff? Try logging out of Salsa Engage and back in. (Right. Oldest technical support tip in the book.) If that doesn't do the trick, contact support and let us know what's up.

We’ve made a number of small improvements to the interface this week, including updating font styles and labels to be more consistent and attractive across the interface. Check out some of the highlights here:

Manage Your Supporters

With new “Activity” and “Filter by Source” options on your Audience list, it’s now even easier to find and manage your supporters according to how they were originally created.

Create Engaging Social Posts

Social posts are always more interesting if they include suggested urls and a great photo. We’ve improved the display for adding images and links to your social posts, as shown here:

Control Who Accesses Your Content

Your permissions are now more granular, including more options for allowing who can access your content as well as how they can access it: from creating to editing to publishing.

To check out your permissions, check out the Settings icon at the very top right of your Salsa Engage account, then click the tab for “Manage Your Team.”

Find What You Need - Right Away

We’ve updated the welcome screen to emphasize messaging and building forms, including petitions, and we’ve also updated a lot of the language and panel display. Additionally, welcome messages will no longer appear for anyone who’s out of the “trial” phase on Salsa Engage.

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