Exports Step 2: Creating Your Supporters Export

Now that you've select the "+ Create your Export" button under the Manage Exports tab of the Supporters section, you'll be taken to the Create Export page.  Under Setup, the first fields you'll fill out when creating your export are the Name and Description fields as seen here:

These are internal designations that allow you and your team members to quickly identify and understand what the export is called, as well as gives you the option to describe what it accomplishes or contains.  Once you're finished, select either Save or Next: Export Rules in the lower right-hand corner.  The latter will take you to the Export Criteria page:

Once you've landed on the Export Criteria page, you'll notice that you can select either your entire list, or  you can use the Select Segments Export button to narrow your export by segment, as is shown here:

Choosing the Select Segments Export button brings up the following pulldown menu, which is populated by both the built-in segments as well as your own custom segments.

As you chose which segments to add to your export's criteria, the title will disappear from the pulldown menu, and will be added to a section that will be visible whenever you click off of the menu. It will look something like this:

As you can see, you can delete segments you no longer wish to have as a filter by clicking the white "X" to the right of the segment's name.

Note that whichever criteria you chose for your export, the "Export Record Count" will change the total to match your selection.

Next, you have the option to run the export immediately, or to select a date and time when the export will run.  Choosing the radio button "Schedule for a later date" will bring up a calendar with month and year pulldown menus, as well as select-able days.  It will look like this:

Click "Today" if you have selected another date and wish to come back to the current date.  Click "Done" when you've completed your selection.  You can then choose which time you'd like the export to deploy. 

Once you've made your selections, you can either click the cogwheel icon in the lower left-hand corner and delete your export,

or you can select from the following choices in the lower right-hand corner:

Click Save to save your progress and stay on the current screen.  Click Back:Setup to go back to the Setup page, or click the Run Export Now! button to move forward.  Note that selecting the Run Export Now! button will also save your progress.

Exports Step 3: Getting Results


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