Favicon Customization

You may have noticed that when you open a new window in your browser, many sites have a small image alongside the page title, like so:

This small image is called a “favicon” and can help to make your pages even more distinct.

To add or change your favicon, first find the Settings icon (the hammer and wrench) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:


Once you're there, find the pulldown menu called "Switch to..." near the right-hand side of the page.  Click it and select the "Look & Feel" section:



Once you're there, you can click the "Upload new Flavicon" button:

This will take you to your computer's file browser, where you can select and add your own image.  Don’t have a favicon?  You can use a page like the following to generate your own:


Note: If you want to add a favicon to a page that has already been published, you’ll need to first make your page private, then re-publish your page.


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