Dashboard and Settings Overview

Welcome to the Dashboard!

The Dashboard is the launching pad for any task you ultimately would like to accomplish with Salsa Donate.  It's from here that you can get to anywhere else in your account.  You can see an overview of your fundraising performance, create and edit content, get to your settings, receive information about the account, change account settings, and so on.  It all starts here!

The first time you log in, you're greeted with a helpful tour of your dashboard:

Use the "Next →" button to continue through the tour.  The "End" button will stop the tour.  Once you've completed the entire tour, it won't show up again.  You can always go back to the tour by finding the "?" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and selecting the "Getting Started" link:

Once you're finished with the tour, you'll see a couple of tabs towards the top of your screen:

The "Welcome" tab offers you an overview of Salsa Donate's product features, and will give you some signposts as you go through the process of creating your first Fundraising form. 

The "Snapshot" tab will be discussed again further along in this document, but it remains a separate tab until you've completed your first Fundraising form.  Once you've successfully published a form, you'll see the "Welcome" tab disappear, and the "Snapshot" tab will become the default Dashboard view.

The Menu Bars

Along the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see where you can navigate to either create, edit or see details on your Fundraising forms, your Supporters, and the Donations they've made:

As was mentioned previously, you can take a guided tour of which covers most of these.  The "Fundraising" section is already broken up into its various components for ease of navigation.  You don't have to click on "Fundraising" to get to the list of Donations.  You can simply click on the "Donations" section.  You can, however, navigate to any of the sub-sections under the "Fundraising" heading when you're there.

Across the top of your Salsa Donate account page, you'll notice you have some menu choices to both the top left and top right.  The top left is where your name and Salsa Donate account name reside.  These double as a pull-down menu, and offer you some login-specific choices:


Help, Alerts, and Settings

The four icons located in the upper right-hand corner give you access to helpful documentation, messages and alerts about your product, and a settings menu.  To access documentation about Salsa Donate, click on the "?" logo:

The "newspaper" icon keeps you informed about any updates to your account, such as release notes.  The alert triangle with the "!" in the middle keeps track of error messages, as well as updates to changes in your form's status.  For instance, publishing a fundraising form will display an alert letting you know that the publishing effort was successful.

To adjust your application's settings, locate the hammer and wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of the page, which will look like this:

That’s where the application settings live, and if you don’t see that icon it means you don’t have the right permissions to access them and will need to contact an administrator at your organization.

The application settings area of Salsa Donate allows you to:

1. Configure Your Organization's Profile information, such as the organization's name, etc.

2. Create, remove, and adjust the level of access that you grant your Admins and Campaign Managers via the "Manage Your Team" tab

3. Establish the Look & Feel of your fundraising form by adding a logo and setting default colors and fonts

4. Set up your organization's email defaults for autoresponse emails

5. Set Donation Failed and Refund messaging

6. Set up your Payment Gateway

You can access all of these settings (save for the "Manage Your Team" information) by using the "Switch To..." pulldown menu towards the right-hand side:

The "Organization's Profile" menu is the default view under the "Set Org Details" tab.  Much of this will have been filled out whenever you first created your account, as was outlined in the previous document.  Look & Feel does feature some advanced settings beyond what you've seen in your initial setup:

Whenever you're on your Look & Feel page, lick the "Advanced Options" below the Font Family pulldown menu.  This will open a new window with expanded options for other form and messaging choices, such as button and form field shapes, callout box borders, etc.  You will be able to deviate from your default choices when creating a Fundraising form or altering an Auto Responder.

We've linked the Payment Gateway above in item #6, and the other "Switch to..." menu items (Donation Failed and Donation Refund Messages) are addressed towards the bottom of this document.

The "Manage Your Team" Tab

Only campaign managers that have an administrator role will be able to view and edit these settings. If you are not able to view or edit permissions and you would like to do so, you’ll need to speak with someone who is already an administrator in your organization, and they can help set you up with the proper permissions.

To get started, look for the hammer and wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click and you’ll be taken to the main Settings page where you will find the "Manage Your Team" section.

Your team members will be displayed in the following groups: Admins, Campaign Managers, and Pending Invitations. The top of this page should look like this:

You can find yourself in the list, and if you click your username you’ll be taken to your own profile, where you can edit your information.

However, if you click another campaign manager’s username, you’ll see not only their information, but also ways to manage what information they have access to and what actions they can perform.

After you click a campaign manager's Username, you are taken to a screen where you can edit their:

  • Campaign Manager Profile
  • Administrator Access
  • Permissions

The "Campaign Manager Profile" section allows you to edit all of the same information that you can edit for yourself in the My Profile section.

Inviting a new Team Member

If you have a new campaign manager that just came on board, and they aren’t already in the list of campaign managers when you get to the Manage My Team page, you can invite them using the "Invite my team member" button. You can simply fill out their name and email address, and set their privileges.

You can allow your campaign manager no access, view only access, create and edit access, and publish and send access. Publish and send access includes the ability to create and edit.

As you can see, the various sections are annotated under the description giving you further information about what each part of the permission set does. Note that the bottom-most choice, "Application Administration", allows you to toggle Full Access or No Access.  This is also what defines an Admin from a Campaign Manager: granting full access to a team member.

Remember: If you grant a campaign manager privileges to publish and send webforms or email campaigns, they need to be able to create and edit assets as well (since assets are often inserted in webforms and emails).

The prospective new Campaign Manager or Admin will receive an email with a link to activate their account.

If you have a campaign manager that has left the organization? You can ensure that they can’t edit or change any of your data, by selecting the No Access option for all of their permissions.

Statistical Snapshot

The Dashboard also gives you a great bird's eye view of your donation performance. We mentioned the "Snapshot" tab earlier; this eventually becomes the default view for your account's Dashboard. From total donations raised to top performing donation forms, you have a quick way to stay up-to-date on your fundraising efforts.  You can even drill down into specific date ranges right from your Dashboard:

Here are some other views that you can get when reviewing your Dashboard's Snapshot. At the top, you'll eventually see a lot of totals: Total Funds Raised, Total Number of Donors, and so on:

There are a few different views which allow you to breakdown overall activity.  Hovering your mouse over any part of the pie graph allows you to see specific data on any given part.  You can hide or show different slices by clicking on their legend in the upper right-hand corner of the graph.

For this following graph, running your mouse along any one of the statistical lines will give you data pertinent to that point on the line.  You can also filter lines you do not wish to see by clicking on one of the line's legend in the upper right-hand corner of the graph.

Want to know which of your Fundraising forms is outperforming all the rest?  Scroll down towards the bottom of your dashboard to see this listing.  You can get to any of the forms by clicking on its name.


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