Supporter Overview


This section of Salsa Donate allows you to see who has been giving to your organization via your fundraising forms, as well as export your entire donor list:

At first, this list will fit on one page.  As the number of donors grows and the number of donation forms you have deployed attract donations, This list will need some managing in order to find specific donor information.  You'll notice the search function is right there at the top:

Further down, you have the main listing of supporter records.  Once your list starts overflowing into other pages, you can tell Salsa Donate either how many records you'd like it to display, or tell it which page number you'd like to jump to:

Manage Exports

Next to the Supporters tab, you'll see the "Manage Exports" tab.  Select this tab to access existing exports, or create new ones:

Similar to the layout you've seen before with the Supporter list, this section will show you how you can access previous exports, and even search for them by name if the list gets too large.  To create a new export of your supporter list, click the "+ Create an Export" button towards the upper right-hand side.

Once you've selected this button, you're taken to the Create an Export page:


Give your export a name.  A reference name is mandatory, but the description field below it isn't.  That's there in case you wish to add a bit more detail.  Once you're done, click the "Next: Export Rules" button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  The next page will be the Export Criteria for your export:

Your only choice at this time is to export the entire list of supporters. 

NOTE:  Keep in mind that this export is not to be confused with fundraising-related exports that are available elsewhere in the product.  This is only the supporter information you gather from your fundraising forms.  Names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers are the kinds of information you're dealing with here.  We'll discuss donation data exporting in another document under Fundraising.

You'll be able to quickly see how many records will be exported under the orange "Export Everyone" button that's pre-selected.  Underneath the record count, you can choose to either have the export happen immediately, or you can export it later on using the calendar and time pulldown menus:

Once you've made your choices, you can select the "Run Export Now!" (or the "Schedule it!" button as it's called when you've set it to export at a later date/time). The buttons are located in the lower right.  You can also choose to go back and edit your Setup choices, or just save what you're doing:


The cogwheel icon in the lower left allows you to delete your work.

You're not done just yet!

Once you've moved to the next page, you'll see that your export is all set to actually be exported!  This is called the Export Results page:

Notice the arrow and tray icon towards the right under the "Export Actions" heading?  Clicking this will generate a .csv (comma separated value) document that you'll save to your device.  You can open files saved in this format in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, and other spreadsheet applications.  You can always jump to this page from the Manage Exports tab once you've gotten to this stage of the export workflow by selecting the export from the list under that tab.


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