Targeted Letters Step 2: Setup

Getting Started


Once you've selected the + Create a new Targeted Action button, you're sent to the setup page, where you can name your new Targeted Letter form.

Fill out the following two fields, shown here.  Both of these fields are for internal use only (you're supporters won't see what you type).  Enter names and descriptions which are meaningful (and searchable) for you and your team:

1. Name this targeted letter

This is where you’ll give your Targeted Letter the reference name that is visible to you and your team members.  Try and keep it simple and memorable.

2. Add a description

Here, you can be a bit more descriptive about the purpose of your Targeted Letter.  Again, this information that will only be visible to your team (not your supporters). Once you’re done, click the "Next: Compose my Letter(s)" button in the lower right-hand corner to advance to the next step.


[NOTE: Only the "Name this targeted letter" field is required of the two available fields, but you can't move forward until you’ve completed that first field.]

Unlike other types of forms where you're sent to the page's layout and design choices next, Targeted Letters will now send you to the page where you will composed your letters and selected your targets.

Next Step:  Compose your Letters

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