Petition Step 6: Moderate Comments

Moderate Comments

If you've enabled comment moderation, anyone who posts a comment on your Petition will not see it right away.  Instead, the comment is placed in your account under the Petition heading.  You'll see the Moderate Comments button.  In parentheses, you'll see the current number of comments awaiting moderation.

NOTE:  The supporter will still be able to see their signature listed, unless they've elected to not have their signature displayed.  You may or may not have enabled this option, as well.  You can make adjustments to your form by going back to the page's Compose tab, finding the Signatures Element, selecting the Edit Pencil, and changing these settings from the available window as you desire.

Once you've selected the Moderate Comments button, you'll be taken to a page with three tabs:

  • Waiting for Moderation -- This tab is the first you'll see.  It contains the list of current comments awaiting your approval, or rejection.  If you have a lot of comments to sift through and know of a specific supporter you want to find, you can use the available search field.  You can also select a comment, and use the Actions menu to quickly Post or Hide (approve or reject) it.

  • Approved Comments -- This tab lists those comments you've allowed to be passed along to the published Petition page.  If you change your mind, and wish to hide the comment, check the box next to the comment's Date Signed, and select "Hide" from the Actions menu.
  • Rejected Comments -- This tab lists those comments you've hidden from being seen on your published Petition page.  Again, you can change your mind by checking the box next to the comment's Date Signed, and select "Post" from the Actions menu.

In either case of posting or hiding, completing the action will yield a brief confirmation window, like this one that appears whenever you Hide a post:

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