Release: 10/06/15

This week's release includes a completely revamped Visual Editor, the ability to create Targeted Letter forms has been added to Activities, and many more!

Visual Editor 2.0:

We've gone back to the drawing board and completely rebuilt the Visual Editor.  Full information about the new editor is available here.  Highlights include:

1.  Easy-to-navigate Views -- You can now more easily arrange content of various forms and messages via the Outline view.  You can see a preview of your work in three different devices, such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

2.  Intuitive Elements -- Visual Editor 2.0 also includes contextual Elements, which allow you to easily drag-and-drop new buttons, callouts, text fields, and more.

3.  Contextual Editing Tools -- Some elements will change their menu options depending on the form you're using, so there's no longer a one-size-fits-all approach where specific choices are needed.  For example, your Petition will offer signature fields to edit, but you won't have that option getting in your way whenever you're putting together your fundraising form.

Targeted Letters

We've added the ability for you to create forms that target legislators, so your supporters can more actively engage in your mission. 

1.  Create legislator-specific messaging, or divide your letters into "Thank or Spank" style campaigns.

2.  Narrow your targets from a robust list of federal, state or local lawmakers.

3.  Allow your supporters to find their specific legislators quickly and easily via our built-in legislative lookup tool.

...And many more!

We've also made several small (but important) changes behind the scenes to make sure you're able to keep rolling along uninterrupted.



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