Targeted Letters Step 6: See the Results

See the Results

Once your page has been active, and you've gotten the word out via a very creative email campaign to your supporters alerting them to your Targeted Letter page, you can start keeping track of how the page is performing.

To the right you'll see a date filter. Updating these values will filter the data for every report on this page.

NOTE: The default for the stats derived on this page is the last 30 days.

Available Statistics:

1. Supporters Engaged -- At the top, you can see right away who has submitted the form, sending their letters to your targets.

2. Letters Sent -- This pie graph gives you the number of total letters sent broken out by new and existing supporters.  If you hover your mouse over the pie slices, you'll see a percentage.

3. Customized Letters -- This multi-layered graph will show you the breakdown of the number of times letters were altered from their original (gold), or they left a comment (blue).  You will have had to have made these choices available via the pulldown menu, "Can the supporter customize this letter?" located towards the bottom of the "Compose Letters" page of your Targeted Letter.  Hovering your mouse over the individual slices will show further breakdowns and percentages by category, such as "Changed by New Supporters" and "Added by Existing Supporters".

4.  Email Opt-ins -- If you've left the option to opt in to email blasts, this will tell you the breakdown of those who chose to do so and those who did not.  Again, if you hover your mouse over the pie slices, you'll see a percentage along with the total.

5. Total Page View -- This allows you to see just how many times your page has been visited by both supporters who already exist, and by new supporters.  Similar to the pie graphs in the previous statistical blocks, you can see percentage details that happened at a particular time by hovering and even sliding your mouse pointer along the graph.  The bottom axis (the x-axis) displays the number set by you in the date field towards the upper right-hand corner of the page, or the last 30 days, if no choices have been made.

6. Top 10 Referring URLs -- How are people finding this sign-up page? Are you coming straight from a Google search or from your home page? This report gives you a ranked list of the web pages which are driving more traffic to this particular sign-up form than any other page.

7. Timeline -- This graph give you a quick, visual representation of your form's performance over time, but you can reveal a great deal of data that is broken out above in the individual statistics boxes.  Just hover your mouse pointer over the graph, and see data points such as "unique page views", "subscription opt-ins", etc. Need to see the specific dates?  The mouse-over window will show that, too.


Supporters Who Sent Letters

This section allows you to sift through the specific supporters who have been active with your form.  The search field allows you to find a specific supporter by name or email address, and the filtering choices allow you check or uncheck categories relevant to the data you're looking for.

You can also choose how many results to display.

You can download a CSV file of the supporters who took action in the By supporter tab:

You can also download a CSV file of the number of letters sent to a legislator by clicking the By target tab:



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