Release: 10/29/15

This week's release includes a revamped and greatly expanded Receipts tab called Auto Responders, found in Messages!

Auto Responders, Roll Out!

What used to be called Receipts is now called Auto Responders, and it's quite a dramatic overhaul.  Highlights include:

1.  These aren't your grandma's receipts! -- Previously, the tab formerly known as Receipts used to be for one thing and one thing only: sharing information about supporter's donations from donation forms:

Now, you can create auto responses for any sort of form, such as a sign-up thank you letter, an action taker's message of hope and gratitude, and... donation receipts!

2.  Powered by Visual Editor 2.0 -- You can make your Auto Responders as grand as your email blasts with VE 2.0.  Various Elements allow you to easily drag-and-drop new buttons, callouts, text fields, and more:

3.  Contextual Editing Tools -- Some elements will change their menu options depending on the form you're using, so there's no longer a one-size-fits-all approach where specific choices are needed.  For example, your Petition will offer signature fields to edit, but you won't have that option getting in your way whenever you're putting together your fundraising form.


Other Goodies Just in Time for Halloween!

1.  You can now use the Hero Sidekick layout for any form.



2. We've fixed a few scary bugaboos.  For example, deleted images used to keep you from publishing after they were used, and would give you a terrifying warning!  We've also made some changes to the backend skeleton and squished a few bugs, so your frights will be greatly lessened!

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