Release: 11/19/15

This week's release includes new Fundraising features, some expanded Design choices in the Visual Editor, and a great new way to size your images!

Five Frequent Fundraising Factors Finally Functional!

We've expanded the options available to your fundraising forms.  Depending on the choices you make when you choose your fields in the appropriately-titled "Choose Fields" window of your form's configuration window, you'll have access to such things as Dedication fields and more. What could be better than that?  How about this:  You can export these fields on donation reports when they're utilized!  Here's a list of what you can now do:

1.   Dedication -- Selecting this option will open up the ability for your donors to mark special "In Memory of" and "In Honor of" fields.  So, that means this choice:

Results in this option being made available on your Fundraising form:

2.  "Please notify the following persons that a donation has been made."  -- Although this can work as a stand-alone option, you'll often see this new choice made available along with the Dedication field.  So, this choice:


leads to this option on your form.  Of course, you can choose to make it a required field, or not:

3. Donation Designations -- You may wish to allow supporters to ear-mark their gifts to go to various designated options.  Checking the "Yes" box under the "Do you want to include gift designation?" option (which is located in the "Payment Amount Configuration" tab of the form's edit window) will give your Fundraising form a pulldown menu where donors can give a more precise gift:

Here's how it looks on the form:

4. Fund Name -- You can now designate a specific Fund Name to your Fundraising form:

5. GL Code -- You can also add a GL code to your form.  If you need to know what this is, ask your accountant!  If you're the accountant, and would still like to know how a GL code can help you sort out your fundraising efforts, click here for a brief description!

Re-Designing Design

We've taken a fresh look at the Design element of the Visual Editor, and given it a few more bells and whistles for you to play.  Have a look!


You'll notice that the tabs along the left, such as General, Text, Buttons, etc., all allow you to set design options for the entire form.  You can, of course, further fine-tune these within each individual element.  For example, you may go here to the new Design window and make your Callout font Arial, but then add a second Callout and choose a different font for it using that element's own editing window, like so;

Image Re-Sizing Done Left to Right!

Image elements now have a nifty new way of re-sizing images with the inclusion of a slider, which will allow you to dynamically adjust the size of images you insert into your forms:

You'll also notice that you have some alignment options available to you.  If you're the kind of cat that likes to add captions, then this will interest you: you can add a caption to the right of the image, let's say, and then move the image around within it's newly-created half of the Image window:

And Many More...!

As usual, we've been no slouches when it comes to minor bug fixes.  From images saying they're removed when they've just not shown up yet, to caption alignment tweaks, we've made a few adjustments here and there to keep your creation efforts running smoothly.

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