Release: 12/14/15

This release includes new Payment Gateway information, as well as some changes to how you Export data.

Merchant Services, at Your Service!

Those who have a Merchant Services account will now be able to link it to your Salsa Engage account via the Payment Gateway option in your account's Setup section:


Contact Support for more details regarding Merchant Services!

Exports Have a New Home

If you've been using Salsa Engage for any length of time, you know that the Exports have been living far from the information categories they actually export.  We've now placed supporter export information in the Supporters area, and Donations exports in the Donations area.  How convenient is that?! 

Supporters' Exports are found here:

And Donations Exports are found here:

...and a Few More for Good Measure.

A couple of behind-the-scenes tweaks and a few names have been changed for overall clarity and stability.  For instance, you may recall that the Visual Editor featured a layout option section called "Structure".  This is now called "Rows" to more accurately reflect the purpose of that menu:

Additionally, "Audience" is now simply called "Supporters".  Easy-peasy!



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