A Note About Web Browsers

Currently, Salsa Engage is supported on recent web browsers that run on Desktop and Laptop computers.  We support the current versions of web browsers, minus two versions.  So, for example, if the current version of Firefox is 42.x.x, then we'll support back to version 40.x.x.  If the current version of Google Chrome is 45.x.x.x, then we'll go back to 43.x.x.x.  You get the idea.  So far, there's not a current browser that runs on most laptop and desktop computers which we don't currently support.  As time moves forward, we may revisit this policy. 

For creating forms and emails using Salsa Engage, we do not support mobile device web browsers found on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.  Forms and emails created with Salsa Engage are supported on mobile devices, however.

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