Donation Imports Step 3: Import Results

Find Your Completed Import

After you submit your file for import, there may be some wait time before the import is complete (especially if the file you're importing is large). You'll receive a notification when the import is complete. Click on the link in the notification to open the import. You can also click anywhere in your import's row (within the import listing) to open the import.


If your file was imported without a problem, the number of rows imported will show up in the left-hand box. You'll be able to click a text link to view the audit file which was imported - handy for record-keeping purposes! You can also see the number of deduplicated records, if any.

If there's a problem...

If you've made it this far and you're seeing a number of rows that weren't imported, then there may have been a formatting issue with one of the fields you were trying to match. For example, you're were trying to get Salsa to accept text rows into numeric-only fields. Download the import error file and the audit file, use the information provided to correct your format errors, and try the import again. An audit file will contain a record for every donation which you attempted to import (whether it failed or not).

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