Release: 01/20/16

Happy New Year!  The first release for 2016 includes the ability to import donations!

Bringing Home the Bacon

Let's say you've had a small gathering that didn't allow for online donations for whatever reason, but you did get a few offline gifts that you'd like to include in Salsa Engage.  Well, now you can do just that!  The Donations section of your Salsa Engage account now allows you to import donation spreadsheets!  CSV format only, please.


An New Old Name in Insights

We did cheat a little bit and release this next item a bit earlier.  It's a fairly small change, and you may not have even noticed it.  But, it was important enough a change that we wanted to get it out the door as soon as possible. 

The Insights tab that used to be called Communications is now called Messaging.  Since we didn't have a "Communications" Activity, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to have that be the name of the data being reported.  So now, Messaging in Insights reports on... you guessed it!  Messaging!

Look-ier and Feel-ier

Your account's Look & Feel settings is receiving some love in the form of an Advanced Options" menu.  If you head over to Settings > Look & Feel, you'll see the new menu set under the Font Family pulldown:

This will enable you to have some more discreet control over your account's default setting.  Everything from Button shapes to Callout colors can be established in the new window, which looks like this:

...and Other Housekeeping.

In addition to a myriad of behind-the-scenes tweaks, we have a few other items of note:

1. We've reworked the way Targeted Letter campaigns render their emails.  We no longer display targeted letters until a supporter provides a valid address and zip code.

2. Spell check in the Visual Editor wasn't checking spelling, so we've fixed that:

3. We used to plug in our Salsa logo if you didn't provide one for your organization.  We no longer do this.

4. If you're using a Trial and would like to buy Salsa Engage, you can now see our current array of products when you click the "Buy" button towards the top-right of your screen.  Contact Salsa's Sales Team if you have any further questions about pricing, features, demos, etc.

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