Login and Initial Setup

Your First Email

When you get signed up for Salsa Donate, you should receive an email that looks something like this:

The subject of the email will read something akin to, "[Your Organization's Account Name] has invited you to Salsa. Let's get started."  It will come from salsa@salsalabs.com.  As you'll notice, you can get to the Salsa Donate login screen by clicking on the linked text, "Click here to get started."  There's some other helpful information, such as links to the Account Setup walk-through, and also how you can get help if you can't get logged in, etc.

Step 1: Your Login Credentials

Once you've clicked on the get started link, you'll be taken to the first step in your setup process:

You should see your email auto-populated in the "Email Address" field, but go ahead and use the email address you used when signing up if it doesn't come across.  Your password must be at least 6 characters in length.  Add uppercase letters, numbers and symbols to strengthen your password.  It'll let you know how strong or weak your password is:

From there, set your two security questions by choosing the questions you would like to use and then typing in your responses.  The security questions can be updated once you get access to your account and will be utilized if you ever forget your password and need to reset it. Once you're done, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2: Configure Your Organization's Profile

The second step of your self-setup process is to fill out the following fields on the page that starts with this header:

From there, you can fill out the following fields:

Enter the name of your organization. If you are registered with multiple accounts, the organization name will tell you (and us) which account you are currently accessing.

Next, enter a contact email for your organization. Make sure this is the best email address for the public to use if they have a question... any question. So you may not want this to go to personal email -- consider something like info@yourorg.org or helpme@yourorg.org.

You can also set what the URL will look like when supporters visit published forms. Please only use standard letters and numbers, special characters will be automatically stripped out of this field.

The last thing you will need to do is provide a primary contact phone number and the physical address of your organization. This information will be added into the emails you send in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Once you have filled everything out, review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy linked for your convenience.  Check the box of you agree to accept the terms.  Then, hit the "Save & continue" button to move on.

Step 3: Look & Feel

The third stage of your setup process is all about the basic design elements of your account.  Your first task is to upload an image that will be utilized on the forms you create within your account. Higher resolution images are better, because the logo will resize for you when needed. Although you can add this at a later date if you don’t have one available, it will hinder setting up some components of your account later on if you continue to leave it blank.  It's best of you can go ahead and get something uploaded at the outset.

Color Setup

Consult your organization's brand guide for the official font family and colors. These should match your website as much possible.

Choose your Font, Button and Link colors. You can use the color selector to eyeball the colors or utilize hexadecimal values from your organizations style guide. You’ll be able to customize how these colors are applied on your widgets and forms, however, as a general guideline, they are used as follows:

  • Font Color: Any text in text fields and callout boxes.
  • Button Color: Draw attention to Donate Now buttons, or match them thematically.
  • Link Color: If you'd like hyperlinked text to look differently that the standard blue link (#0645AD, by the way), here's where you can change that across all forms.

Select the font-family your forms and emails will utilize. You can change and update these style settings once you have access to your account.

Set Outgoing Email Defaults

Outgoing email defaults are used as the default for each campaign, but will be editable when you create an email blast. They include:

  • From Name: First name and Last name, Title
  • From Address: A valid email address from which you will send all emails*
  • Reply-to Address: A valid email address to which replies will be sent

* NOTE: Yahoo Mail and AOL emails are not supported as From addresses due to their email authentication policies, or DMARC. Unfortunately, there is not a workaround for this. The easiest way to combat policies such as these is by having a From address with a private domain like yourname@yourcompany.com.

You can read more about DMARC here.

Hit the "Let's Go!" button and you will find yourself on the dashboard of your account.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start using Salsa!

Next Step: The Dashboard

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