Release: 02/10/16

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're bringin' the love to Salsa Engage!  We've got a lot to cover for this release, so hang on and get ready for Cupid's arrow!*

*Cupid not included.

Message Me, Maybe?

You may want to get a quick idea of how many supporters have indicated they'd rather not receive certain kinds of messages.  If you head over to:

Settings > Switch to... > Message Topics

You'll now get more insight!

We've also moved the subscription status in a Supporter's record.  It used to sit there next to the Supporter's email address, but has now been given its own tab!

In this new tab, you'll see that specific supporter's message topic preferences:

Note the little "🚫" symbol? next to the "Food" and "Beverage" Message Topics in the picture above?  That means that this person has either expressed disinterest by way of the "Subscription Management" page, or a Campaign Manager or Admin has done this for them. 

NOTE: A Campaign Manager or Admin cannot move someone from "Not Interested" to "Interested"  The supporter has to do so themselves via a form or "Message Subscription" link in an email that allows such options.

Subscribing Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry.

Hard on the heels of how you now handle Message Topics, we've expanded how your account deals with Subscription Management in a few key ways.

1. A New Way to Bow Out... or Bow In!

We've revamped the webpage where people go when they unsubscribe.  In fact, we don't even call it "unsubscribe" anymore!  Emails now automatically affix a "Manage Subscriptions" link that looks like this:

From that link, supporters access a page where they can tell you which topics they're interested in, and which ones they're not:


The web address which allows you to preview what a supporter might see when they get to that page is available in a brand new Settings section, which brings us to...

2. Configuring Subscription Management!

Going back over to Settings > Switch to..., you'll now see new section called "Subscription Management"  This new section allows you to customize the messaging your supporters see when they're on the above-mentioned "Manage Subscriptions" page.  You can also use this section to preview that page via a new URL:

3. Some Cosmetic Changes to Help You Put All This Into Action!

A few things have moved around to make things easier and make more sense.  First, the section "What type of email is this?", where you choose which type of message you're sending, is now under "The Basics" in the Email creation workflow.  It used to live under the second step, "Select The Audience", but we felt that locale was a little counter-intuitive:

Secondly, the answer you give to the question "Who should NOT receive this email?" on the "Select the Audience" portion of the Email workflow makes much more sense!  Instead of a single checkbox next to "Leave out anyone who doesn't want to receive (Message Topic) emails", we now have two radio buttons that clarify this option:

New Export Options: Share More Love!

You now have more Export options available to you for your completed Email blasts and published Targeted Letter forms.  Let's get cozy with the new tabs, shall we?

1. Email
If you head over to your list of Messages and select an Email that's been "COMPLETED", you'll be sent to the "See the Results" page.  There, you'll see a new tab called "Details".  This new tab is jam-packed with features!  First, you can download a .csv file with columns such as "Links Clicked", and "Open Date":
Further down the page, you'll be treated to an interactive online version of the "Details" report.  You can click on an email address and be sent directly to the Supporter's record, or you can click the the "Link Clicked" for a particular row, go right to the form linked!  We're talking Magic Carpet Ride here, people!

2. Targeted Letters

Similar to the Email "Details" listed above, a Targeted Letter that has been "PUBLISHED" in your list of pages will take you to the "See the Results" page for that form.  Scroll down past the metrics to see a new set of tabs:

From here, you can download a .csv file of the Supporters who took action, or the Targets of those letters.  Under the "By Supporters" tab, you can see if any given supporter left comments (if the form allowed it), and whether or not they changed the letter from the original (if you allowed it to be edited).  The "By Target" tab details  will show the Target's name and political details (e.g.: office, party, etc.), the number of letters they received, and the name of the letter that was sent to them.

Sweetening the Deal

What would a Salsa Engage release be without mentioning the host of other great adjustments that we made?  There are, as usual, many little tightening and polishing items we've completed, but there are a couple of small things to mention, as well: have a few other items of note:

1. Petitions now only require an email.  There are actually two adjustments concerning Petition forms and their required fields.  The first is that a warning message will pop up in the Visual Editor when you're building your form.  It says, "Since name and address are not mandatory, your signature section may display quite a few "Not Given" on your page.  You may want to make Name fields mandatory in your form design.":

As it states, you may see "Not Given" on a Petition which displays a petitioner's information:

2. The QR-code looking field in each Supporter record has now left the building.  We wanted it to be used as an avatar space for your Supporters, but it just never came to fruition.  We may revisit this concept at a later date, but it was time to say goodbye.

Thanks for reading! Until the next update!  Parting is such sweet sorrow!

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