When to use it:

The accounts department for your organization is asking for a count of recurring donations that were given in the past 30 days. You can use the exports tool to obtain and export that information quickly and without hassle.

How to get there:

The exports tool is conveniently located as an option on the sidebar when you first log in to Salsa Donate:

Once you're on the exports page, you can either

  1. Create a new export by clicking on the "+ Create an Export" button, or
  2. Edit an existing export by clicking the row where the existing export is located

 After choosing to create a new export or edit an existing export, you will see a page where you can update the name and internal description of the export. While the export name is required, the description is optional, and is only used for internal purposes to show your employees and volunteers a brief description about the export:

Once you're finished naming and describing the export, you can save the export and come back to it later by clicking "save". You can also continue to the next page of the export by clicking the "Next: Export Rules" button.

The second page of the export tool is where you specify a date range for the donations you'd like to export. You can choose to export the last 30 days, 90 days, year-to-date, or all donations. You can also specify your own date range by clicking on the field where the date is shown, and selecting a start and end date from the calendar drop down:


Below the Donation Date Range, you can choose to narrow down your results by selecting to only export one-time donations or recurring donations. By default, all donation types will be exported:

The last thing you'll do on this page is determine a time for the export to run. By default, the export will run immediately, but you can also schedule it for a later date and time by selecting a date and time from the calendar that appears when selecting "schedule for later":

Once the export is set, you'll see the export in a list with similar exports on the next screen. You can click on the row to view more information about the export, including the internal description and export author. You can cancel the export here by clicking the orange button on the far right side of the row:

 When it comes time for your export to run, the cancel icon will turn into a download icon, and you will be able to download your export as a CSV file:


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