Release: 03/02/16

It's crazy to believe it's already March, but it's here, and we've built out some neat new features. If you're the kind of person that likes to click on buttons - brace yourself. We've added a whole bunch of new buttons in this update!

Tell your supporters to take action - now even easier!

You can create an email blast to promote a targeted letter, from right within the targeted letter workflow. Once you've finished creating a targeted letter, there's a shiny new button that will let you create a new email blast.

Here's the coolest part - the email blast will automatically be targeted to your supporters that live within the selected representatives' districts. This will show up as a temporary segment in the targeting section of the email blast, and you can continue to narrow down targeting even further if, for example, you wanted to exclude certain states, or people who hate waffles (if that was a custom field you had).

Create Follow Up Email Blasts!

There is a new button to follow up with a segment of your group who participated in a particular activity.

For example, if I'm viewing the stats of a public signup page, I can create a follow up email blast directly from there.

The email blast is already targeted with a temporary segment of your supporters that filled out that sign up page.

Custom HTML in the Visual Editor

You now have the ability to copy and paste or compose custom HTML for forms! For emails, you can choose "Custom HTML" as a template layout.

However, if you really like using our templates, but still want to customize a small piece of your email blast, you can also drag in an HTML element into a pre-existing template.

We think these new features will help speed up your workflows, so you can spend less time trying to target the right supporters, and more time in the beautiful spring weather.

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