SalsaCRM, an Integrated Solution

What is SalsaCRM?

SalsaCRM combines the powerful online engagement tool, Salsa Engage, with the robust, industry-leading donor management platform, DonorPro. Together, they create a truly integrated online communications, fundraising, advocacy and reporting platform designed to radically advance supporter engagement.

Whether you've come to SalsaCRM via your purchase of DonorPro, or you have worked with Engage and now want to extend your supporter management functionality, SalsaCRM will give you the flexibility and ease-of-use to meet your organization's many challenges.

In this document, we'll highlight a few of the key features and some differences between the integrated SalsaCRM product and Salsa Engage as a stand-alone online engagement tool. We'll briefly highlight some of the comparisons and contrasts between the Engage side of the product, as well as the DonorPro side. You should come away with a top-level understanding of where the two products meet to create a whole new and powerful system.

Key Features and Differences of an Integrated Solution

What sets SalsaCRM apart from Salsa Engage by itself, or from DonorPro as a stand-alone product? Salsa Engage is a versatile online engagement tool that allows you to create mobile responsive donation forms, sign-up pages, blast out email-based newsletters and even contact your supporters on social media. When integrated with DonorPro, however, you get the ability to add tons of individual supporter detail, group your supporters however you'd like, and hone your mailing lists and email blasts. Let's go step-by-step through some of the primary ways in which your user experience will change when moving to SalsaCRM from either Salsa Engage or DonorPro by themselves.

I. Data Flow

The first item of note is that your Supporter and Donation Data will flow through Salsa Engage to the DonorPro side seamlessly. Mapping data between DonorPro and Engage for Donation and Supporter information will be done in DonorPro, and Engage will have a standard default mapping. However, you can optionally choose other mappings on each Form as desired.

You will notice that Groups in DonorPro (called "Segments" in Engage) feature a Salsa Engage icon to let you know this information has been shared across both sides of SalsaCRM.  A Salsa Engage icon will also appear under shared email addresses, and on a constituent record's "Constituent Information" page.  The icon looks like this:

On the Salsa Engage side, supporters that come into Engage directly from the CRM will be denoted in the Source column of the Supporter list. You can filter and search for supporters by this new filter, as well.

You can quickly jump between the DonorPro side to the Salsa Engage side in a other ways, as well:

  1. Via the Tools > Salsa Engage menu (seen in a screenshot below in section V.)
  2. Via this path: Manage > Configuration > Constituent > Groups popup window
  3. Using links in various places, such as linking right into Engage's Segments tab from DonorPro's Constituent Panel, or from an Email Blast in DonorPro to the corresponding blast in Engage.

II. Deduplication

Supporters that come into Engage directly from the DonorPro side will be denoted in the Source column of the Supporter list. You can filter and search for supporters by this new filter. Supporter records coming from Engage into the DonorPro side will be checked for duplicates/missing data and can be resolved in the resolution queue:

Tools > Data Sync > Resolution

If a supporter comes in outside of the standard mapping, a new mapping will be created and the supporter will be added to the resolution queue for review. The important thing to take away here is that no data will ever be lost if a new mapping is needed!

III. An Enhanced Advanced Query Tool which Syncs with the Salsa Engage side

There's a preset “Salsa Engage” query type that will include all required fields to create or update supporters to Engage from the Query tool in DonorPro. Here's the workflow:

1. Preset “Salsa Engage” Output Option

a. Update or Add supporters to Engage from the CRM

b. Add/Remove/Replace supporters from segments in Engage

c. Add supporters to Email Blasts in Engage -- NOTE: This will include any additional custom fields added to the Query and be available as a merge field in the email

2. Add supporters to a group that is synced will add those supporters both to the group in the CRM, as well as automatically add them to the segment in Engage. If the supporter records don't already exist, it will add them as new records.

IV. Donations

Donations reflected in DonorPro from Salsa Engage Fundraising Forms will be able to be processed in DonorPro's Web Donations queue:

Manage > Finances >Web Donations.

Recurring donations will be saved, and each additional donation installment will be stored automatically.

V. Logging In

With SalsaCRM, you're using two separate platforms, which integrate into one cohesive solution. If you need to move between worlds, or if you just need to work on a single form, you have a couple of roads to get into the system and get to work.

A. Through DonorPro. Once you're logged into your DonorPro instance, you can go to the Tools menu and then select Salsa Engage.  A new browser tab will open up, and you'll be taken to the Salsa Engage dashboard. This will also work with the GUI version of DonorPro from version 12.1 and up. You'll see Salsa Engage as the option under the Tools menu there, too.

NOTE: If it's your first time logging into Salsa Engage from DonorPro, you'll have a one-time additional step to complete that looks like this:

This extra login will occur once per user. After you complete the Engage login form, your Engage home page will load. Moving forward, the next time you choose to go to Engage via DonorPro, you will not have to complete additional login tasks.

Additionally, if this is your first time logging into the DonorPro side, the system will automatically create the same user in Engage with the required access rights.

B. You can go to the Salsa Engage login page, and go right into it without having to log into DonorPro, if you so choose. The website is:


VI. Imports/Exports

As a stand-alone product (meaning without DonorPro), Salsa Engage allows you to both Import and Export Supporter and Donation data. When Salsa Engage is integrated with DonorPro, it becomes SalsaCRM. When that occurs, the Import and Export tabs for Supporters and Donations disappear. You handle those activities from the DonorPro side of SalsaCRM.


Please refer to the DonorPro documentation for instructions on importing and exporting supporter and donation data.

VII. CRM Setup

Under your Salsa Engage Settings tab, which looks like this:

You'll see a whole new tab option whenever you're integrated with DonorPro:

This mapping can change as your needs change, but you may also just "set it and forget it".

VIII. Groups and Segments

In DonorPro you have groups. In Engage they are called Segments. You can choose to have groups that reside only in DonorPro. You can also assign specific groups to be segments within Engage. Any supporters added to a synced group in the CRM will be added to Engage if they didn’t already exist, and will also be added to the segment. Bulk additions of supporters to synced groups (i.e., through the Advanced Query Tool in DonorPro) will insert them in bulk into Salsa Engage.

IX. Email Blasts and Targeting from Constituent Salsa Panel

Email blasts can be created from within DonorPro and pushed to the Salsa Engage side. These emails will also contain any new merge fields that were included when created in the CRM. These merge fields will be available in the "personalization" window when composing your email blast. You can also use the “Filter” option to find merge fields, as well as set a default value for any supporters that don’t already have a value.

X. Payment Gateways

Unlike Salsa Engage, the payment gateway, WePay, is not an available option in the integrated solution, SalsaCRM. Merchant Services using CardConnect is the only gateway available.

Further Assistance:

Please log into the DonorPro ProPortal's Release Notes section for more detailed information about creating user accounts and assigning roles.  Once there, you'll be able to click on "Salsa CRM Release Notes" to open, or you can save the link as a Microsoft Word File.

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