Release: 03/31/16

New Features

 Custom Targets

Added the ability to create custom targets for targeted letters. This is accessible through account settings. We've posted new documentation for custom targets, which can be found here.

 LinkedIn for Social Posts

LinkedIn is now an available social media platform, alongside Facebook and Twitter, to use with social posts.

Activity Based Segments

 You can create a custom segment based on supporters who have submitted a particular form. When creating a custom segment, there is an option for "activity info". This is where you'll choose a form to base the segment off of.


Other Updates and Fixes

  • Improved ability to select all targets in a targeted letter
  • Various CRM integration adjustments
  • Created a social reach algorithm to populate social reach level from low, medium, to high. The social score will be computed upon the supporters email being added to the system.  Once computed it will be updated every 60 - 90 days.
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