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Custom Targets for Targeted Letters


Sometimes, you will want to send letters to individuals outside of the government officials that we have in our database. For example, if you would like to contact the heads of specific corporations, you can create a custom list of recipients for your targeted letters.  However, custom targets are not the same as supporter records. You will not be able to target these custom recipients through email blasts.  You will be able to email these custom recipients through your Targeted Letters.

Getting There

It is easy to add custom targets for your targeted letters by going into the Settings tab, selecting the "Switch to..." button on the right side of the page, and then clicking on "Custom Targets".

Managing Your Custom Targets

Once you are in the settings page titled "Your Custom Targets", you can add a new target by clicking the button. You can also edit an existing custom target by double clicking on the desired record listed in the table.

The Add/Edit Custom Target Window

When adding a new custom target, you'll see this window below. If you are editing an existing target, you will see a similar window, with the selected target's current information populating the fields.

If you are setting up a new custom target, enter the appropriate information into the available fields. If you are editing an existing custom target, simply update the desired information.

By selecting a desired choice from the Category drop down list, you can also categorize your custom target to be labeled as Business, Education, Media, or Other.

Once your custom target is set up, you can immediately use it in a targeted letter.

Adding Custom Targets to a Targeted Letter

Choose "Custom Target" when you are in the "Find & Add your Targets" section of the targeted letter workflow. If you are unsure of where this is, please refer to the "Compose Letters" documentation.

Select a Custom Target Type to further narrow your list of recipients.

You can add your desired custom target by selecting icon next to their name.

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