Release 05/9/16

Release 05/09/2016

New Features____________________________________



We have added a brand new Activity type! Ticketed Events are here!  There are new screens in the Engage HQ and public facing pages. We’ve posted detailed documentation for Events here.



Transaction Fees Passed to Supporter

Campaign managers now have the ability to optionally add a checkbox to their donation and event pages that allows donors to increase their donation/event amount to cover transactions fees. There are new options in the form configuration screen to set the label for the field and add it to forms. For Events, the configuration option is found in the “Checkout” tab and in Fundraising forms, it’s in the “Content” tab. There's also a new checkbox and total displayed on the page. Documentation has been added for fee-passing for Events and for Fundraising forms here*


Activity Records Passed to CRM

We added a new "Activity" node to the CRM that will display a chronological listing of both Online and Offline activities completed by a supporter. This includes passing down Activity records from Engage such asSign Ups, Donations, Petitions, Targeted Letters, and Events. There are also new options for querying Constituents based on these activities in the Advanced Query Wizard.


Device Data Reports

New drilldown Pie charts have been added to both Email and Form Results tabs to show campaign managers the devices, operating systems, and browsers that are being used by supporters when they click on an email or visit a form.


Source Tracking Reports

There is a new bar drilldown report that allows you to see the sources for Pageviews, conversions, and new supporters in each Activity tab.



Updates to Social Posts

Tumblr and Pinterest have been added as options for Social Posting.











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