Event Form Step 3: Compose Event Page

Now that you're ready to create the Event form, you'll need to choose a layout first, just as you do with all Activities:


After choosing the layout, you'll choose the Merchant Gateway and, if applicable, a CRM Integration Queue.

Just below the Gateway and CRM Integration data is the Visual Editor. Here the Visual Editor is identical to the one present in other Activities but it has it's own unique settings which are highlighted and defined below.


It should be noted that all elements pictured above are available for use in the Event form, the ones highlighted in orange are highlighted because they are unique to Events and not present in Engage's other Activities.

You'll notice that during different steps in your Event creation, different Elements are available. You'll know an Element is not available when it's greyed-out.

Below are details of Available Elements in the Event Form

  • Map: Not required. Will populate from Event Location determined in Setup OR a location can be entered or edited here on the fly.
  • Location: Not required. Will populate text of Venue Name and address if determined in Setup OR location can be entered or edited here on the fly.
  • Add to Calendar: Not required. Populates as a configurable button. If no Start/End Dates have been entered, Engage will popup an alert to remind you to set these before moving on.
  • Register Button: Required. This populates as a configurable button and must be present on the Event Page tab. This is how registrants register so it's a must!
  • Donate Button: Not required. This optional, configurable button allows supporters to donate instead of registering. Event registrants may also make additional donations but they do that during checkout.
  • Event Dates: Required.

The remainder of default Event Form tab is illustrated below:

Before you move on to the Registration Form Tab, Preview the Event Page by clicking over to the Preview tab.

When you like what you see, click Save and move on to the Registration Form tab.

Step 4: Registration Form





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