API - Base Activity Data

All Activities returned from the API have the same structured base information.  

ActivityType - ALL

  • Note that this is the only detail returned for SUBSCRIBE or SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGEMENT types


processingTime header Time in mills this request took to process Number
serverId header Id of the server that performed the processing 64 character
total payload Total number of results that matched the search criteria Number
offset payload Starting count which activities to retrieve - pagination supporter Number
count payload Number of items returned in the request Number
activities payload List of activities returned.  
activityId activity The unique id of this activity 36 character UUID
activityFormName activity The name of the activity defined within Salsa Engage (E.g 'Support our cause') 64 character
Not provided for  SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGEMENT activities
activityFormId activity The unique id of the for - this can be use for correlating all activities for a specific form 36 character UUID
Not provided for  SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGEMENT activities 
supporterId activity The id of the supporter within Salsa Engage that this activity belongs to 36 character UUID
activityDate activity Date which the activity occured ISO_8601 formatted String with a GMT timezone
activityType activity The type of the activity

Will be one of



lastModified payload

Last date/time this activity was modified. Activities such as donations and ticketed events may be modified after their initial submission. Reason for the modifications is the following:

  • New transactions for a recurring donation
  • Refunding of a donation
  • Refunding of an event ticket
  • Updates to event ticket attendee information
  • Updates to questions for an event ticket 
ISO_8601 formatted String with a GMT timezone

Example Return:

                 "Activity Name",
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