Release 07/18/2016

New Features

Activity-specific AutoResponders - each activity can now have it's own unique "receipt"

Prior to this release, AutoResponders for Sign-up Forms, Fundraising Forms, Petitions, and Targeted Letters were set globally, meaning that they were not customizable at the form-specific level. With this release, AutoResponders can now be customized for each individual form if preferred. Default AutoResponders can still be applied as well.

Location: Activities > Signup Forms > AutoResponders

Location: Activities > Fundraising Forms > AutoResponders

Location: Activities > Petitions > AutoResponders

Location: Activities > Targeted Letters > AutoResponders

Location: Messaging > AutoResponders

The default AutoResponders are housed under the Messaging tool. You can edit the default AutoResponders by clicking into them.

Two Types of Event Form AutoResponders now available to better respond to  Event registrants vs. Event donors.

Prior to this release, Event forms included specific Event-form AutoResponses, however new in this release is those option to send two types of AutoResponders; one for event registrants (that either did or did not additionally donate) and one for event donors that chose not to register but made a contribution from an Event form.

Location: Activities > Events > AutoResponder

Terms & Conditions waiver acceptance for forms

With this release, you may add a waiver checkbox to any form and you can make the form required and/or choose to have it pre-checked by default.

Location: Activities > Signup Form > Configure This Form


 Location: Activities > Fundraising Form > Configure This Form

Location: Activities > Petition > Configure This Form

Location: Activities > Targeted Letters > Configure This Form

Location: Activities > Events > Compose > Checkout

Import tool allows assignment to a specific segment

Importing to an existing or creating a new segment during an import is now part of the "Configure Import" step as shown below.

Location: Supporters > Manage Imports > Import List of Supporters > Configure Import

Turn on Supporter Import for Engage with Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM users did not have access to the Import tool prior to this release the way standalone Salsa Engage clients did - the theory had been that for CRM clients, imports would be handled on the CRM-side. This release made imports available to all Salsa clients, including those with the integrated CRM.

Other Updates and Fixes

Various bugs and UX improvements.


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