Introduction to Supporters


Welcome to the supporters user guide, we will be covering the basics of managing supporters.

A supporter is a record in your Engage account.

Supporters Dashboard

To navigate to the Supporters Dashboard, select Supporters from the left column.

The Supporters Dashboard allows you to see some overview information regarding the number of supporters in your account as well as their sources. You can also manage Segments, Imports and Exports from the Dashboard.

To create a new add or import supporters, click the Add Supporters button in the upper right hand corner and choose which type you want.

In the center of your dashboard you will find Key Metrics and you can see them for the past 30 days, 90 days or year to date.

  • Total Number of Supporters is the total number of people who have been added to your organization's audience within the given timeframe.  They may have been added via a sign-up page, a fundraising page, petition or via import.
  • Source displays the origins of your supporters with both a number and percentage.

At the bottom of the dashboard is a list of all supporters. You can see the source of each one and you can also click the name of any supporter to go directly into viewing/editing it.


Segments are smaller, flexible lists of supporters within your full list. Organizing supporters into Segments allows you reach out to specific groups with messages just for them. These segments can update automatically as new people qualify to join – no one gets left out! Unless you want them to be excluded, of course. Create or manage your supporter segments here! Learn more about segments here.



There are three types of segments in Engage:

There are sixteen Pre-defined segments (shown below) that every Engage account will have from day one. 

Clients may also create as many Custom segments as they like.

Salsa CRM clients will see the Salsa CRM segment tab:


Manage Imports

The Manage Imports tab displays a clickable list of all your imports:

In addition to listing your Imports, you may also import in this tab.    



For a step-by-step guide to Imports, please see here.


Manage Exports

 The Manage Exports tab displays a clickable list of all your exports:

 For a step-by-step guide to Exports, please see here.

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