Introduction to Messaging


Welcome to the messaging user guide, we will be covering the basic steps to setup your messages including some more advanced information on features within the different activities.

Ready to inspire your supporters to take action? Every communication is a chance to connect with supporters and reach your goals. Targeted, personalized messages will help you reach your campaign goals, activate supporters, and show appreciation for all that your community does every single day.

Messaging in Engage includes the following:ial Post, Email Series or AutoResponders. These include the following:

  • Email -- Create and send an email to your entire list or one or more segments of your list.
  • Social Post -- Create and post directly to your organization's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts.
  • Email Series -- Create an automated series of communications to move your supporters along a path of engagement. You can use automation to find, reach, activate, and engage your supporters. Learn more about automation here.
  • Autorespoders -- Create automated confirmation messages that are sent after a supporter completes an action online, including making a donation, signing a petition, sending a targeting letter, or signing up for your list. Autoresponder emails can (and should) be more than a transaction receipt. Instead, use them to continue the conversation with supporters after they take an action, or ask them to stay engaged by taking another action right away.

Each message will follow the same basic workflow where you first give it an internal reference name, then design the form or compose your message, and then publish or send.

Before you begin

In order to post messages to your social networks, you will need to link those accounts to your Salsa account.

Messaging Dashboard

To navigate to the Activities Dashboard, select Messaging from the left column.

The Messaging Dashboard allows you to see some overview information of all of your messages and create message.  It also provides some key metrics about your different messages such as number of messages published and total number of emails opened.

To create a new message click the Create a Message button in the upper right hand corner and choose which type you want.

You can find further how-to information on each one of message types below:

In the center of your dashboard you will find Key Metrics and you can see them for the past 30 days, 90 days or year to date.

  • Total Number of Subscribers displays the total number of supporters that are set to receive email from your organization. This number will not include supporters who have unsubscribed from your list.
  • Total Number of Messages Published is the total number of Emails, Social Posts, Email Series and Autoresponders that have been published.
  • Total Number of Emails Opened is the number of emails that have been opened by your supporters. This number will not include emails sent but not opened by supporters.


At the bottom of the dashboard is a list of all of the messages started. You can see the status of each one and you can also click the name of any of the messages to go directly into viewing/editing it.

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