Release 8/22/2016

New Features

New Email Newsletter Layout

Based on client feedback, the Email Newsletter Layout has been updated to better reflect how our clients most often use Newsletters. You'll find the new layout when you navigate to Messaging > Email > Create an Email, then after selecting your Audience, you're asked to Select a Layout:

When creating content, the Newsletter Layout looks like this prior to your adding your own images and text:

Nested Rows in Visual Editor in Email and Forms

Engage now allows for nested rows- rows within rows - to be used in Forms and in Email. Simply select Rows from the menu in the Visual Editor:



Then either paste a row into an existing Row, or create a new Row and paste another inside it like this:

Improved Recurring Donation Experience

Prior to this release, donors who opted to make their contributions recurring were shown the number of instances their donation would occur, which was not an ideal user experience. In this release we improved this experience in two ways. First, donors can choose either monthly or annual giving. Once that happens, donors are shown a note that "This donation will occur monthly." 

If a credit card is used, recurring donations will end when the expiration date of the card is reached UNLESS the client has chosen to purchase the credit card expiration updating service. If this service has been enabled, recurring gifts will still be set to expire when the cc expires, however when updated, another set of installments will display with the new exp date applied. 

For recurring donations made before this release, those will continue to expire after the number of charges configured for the form occur or the card expires - whichever comes first.  These donations will NOT be extended. Only new recurring donations that are initiated after this release will perform as described.


Engage now offers echecks as method of payment for clients using the Merchant Services Gateway. This feature is not available for those using WePay. Enabling echecks is done during Onboarding by a Salsa Staff person. Once enabled, clients will find the option here:

When you Preview your form, you'll see the options and what happens when echeck is selected from a donor's perspective:

Summary of echecks

- Available exclusively on Merchant Services Gateway

- Additional cost of 1% plus $0.50/transaction. For more information, contact our Onboarding team.

- If recurring donations are selected for echecks, Engage will display the first donation with a Status of "CHARGE" and subsequent recurring donations as "INSTALLMENT" as shown below. Transactions with the Status "INSTALLMENT" will not charge until the applicable month associated. A Campaign Manager may cancel these by clicking the "Cancel Future Donations" as shown below.

If recurring donations are selected for echecks, Engage defaults to set these to occur for one year. At the end of one year, Engage will reset the 12 months again. A Campaign Manager may cancel these by clicking the "Cancel Future Donations" as shown below.

Salsa CRM Updates

Enhancements to the Web-Based Word Processor in Salsa CRM

We have enhanced the web-based word processor in Salsa CRM as part of this release, adding in a convenient way to find and insert merge fields into your outgoing letters or mailings. There is now an option to "Insert Variables" from the database that includes a search and filter option to drilldown on the appropriate merge options.

Recurring Donations Details
To ensure that your funds will continue to flow from Engage and into Salsa CRM, recurring donation templates and subsequent installments will now save directly to the database. No longer will you have to clear out the resolution queue for your recurring donations. In addition, Salsa CRM will automatically assign both a Batch and Fund value.

For Batches, Salsa CRM will create a Batch using the prefix, "SED " (Salsa Engage Donation) and the current date - e.g., "SED 2016-03-09".

For Funds, Salsa CRM will search the database to see if a fund named "Salsa Engage Default" exists.  If not, this fund will be added to the database.  It will be used for all recurring donations pushed from Engage.  Salsa CRM users can easily change the Fund en-masse (using Advanced Queries) if they wish before exporting donations to their accounting software.
Other Updates and Fixes

Removed "fees paid" in Donation Summary when not paid

Prior to this release, Donation AutoResponders included the "Fees Paid" line item in the Donation Summary even when a donor did not choose to have their donation also cover processing fees. This lead to a confusing user experience as donors were shown this line item when it was irrelevant to their transaction. With this release, the "Fees Paid" line item only appears in Donation Summaries when a donor has elected to also cover processing fees with their donation.

Clarified the Limitations in Events in Preview Mode

Unlike Fundraising forms which allow a user to click Donate and process actual donations in Preview Mode, Events does not allow this.

Credit Card Expiration Date Updater Service

It appears that there has been some confusion about Salsa's Credit Card services. While this is not new, it is news to many, warranting a reminder note here as well as updated payment gateway documentation here.

What we offer

We offer what is called "Account Updater Service", to all our US-based clients as an addendum to the merchant application clients sign to get started with Merchant Services (previously called DPMS). The service can be added to accounts at any time and includes a simple agreement that must be signed, separate from the merchant application. It works with recurring donations in the database (MasterCard and Visa only). When a card is set to expire a certain month/year, our service can update either the card number or card expiration date so the donors card continues to be charged and the recurring donation is processed
Note: There is an exception to this: Not every MC and VISA will be updated. This depends on whether or not the issuing bank is enrolled in the card updater service. There is not currently a way for us to know which banks are enrolled in this service.

How to get it

New clients are offered the updating service when they setup their payment gateways. Existing clients looking to add this service can contact their account manager.

How much it costs

$20/month and $0.20 per card that is updated. As of right now, our clients don't receive any sort of documentation on which cards were updated. They could figure out how many cards were based on what they were charged, but we aren't currently able to determine which/whose cards were updated and when. For example, we can't say "oh, Sally's card was updated in February and Steve's was not."

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