Release 9/13/2016

Notice: This feature applies exclusively to Engage-only clients

Note to Salsa CRM clients: Activity Custom Fields are on

deck to be added to your accounts before 2017

Release 09/13/2016

New Feature

Activity-Level Custom Fields
Engage clients have long been able to apply custom fields to supporter records. For example, organizations can ask a supporter if they have food allergies or dietary restrictions and then apply the answers to a supporter's record. With the release of Activity Custom Fields, organizations are now about to ask for information and then apply answers to a particular form. For example, menu choices for a paricular event can be selected, or an organization might ask "Which trail did you hike today?"

Creating Activity Custom Fields is done in the same place as Supporter Custom Fields. Applying Activity Custom Fields to forms happens in the creation of forms.

Create Activity Custom Fields

Location: Settings > Switch to > Custom Fields


Apply Activity Custom Fields

Location: Activities > Create a Form > Choose Fields > Activity Custom



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