Creating Your First Supporter Query

Salsa’s Supporter Query tool allows you to find supporters using either very simple or very complex sets of rules. In either case, building a query is simply describing the characteristics of supporters you'd like to identify.

Adding your first Query Rule

When you land on the Query interface, you can define the first query rule by choosing one of the rule categories in the first drop down.

In the example below, the user is looking for supporters in their database with "Chris" as their first name. To get started, choose “Supporter Fields” from the first drop down and the list of standard supporter fields (like First Name, Last Name, etc.) will be made available for me to choose from. I just choose “First Name” or start typing “First” in the filter to quickly find that field name. Once I choose it, then additional operators will be available for that field, such as “equals.”


Adding Another Rule

Now, let's say that the user is working for a pet advocacy organization and wants to limit the results to only supporters named Chris whose favorite type of pet is a cat (which is something this organization has been collecting about all of its supporters).

To add this second rule, just click on "New Rule" and the option to choose another rule will pop up.

 The relationship between these two conditions is set by the "And" option connecting them together. This means that the supporter must meet the first condition "And" the second condition.

Changing the Relationship Between Rules

But, let's say the user in our example wanted to change the query to be any supporter named "Chris" or any supporter with a favorite type of pet that equals "Cat. "All you need to do is switch the connector on the left to "Or."

Splitting a Rule into One or More Different Rules

Finally, let's say our user wanted to find supporters named Chris whose favorite type of pet is either a cat or a dog. The Supporter Query allows you to split any condition so that you can further refine it. Just click the plus sign at the beginning of any condition to split it.

Want to go deeper? You can split conditions two levels down--which can allow you to create a complex query of records.

Spot Checking the Results

After you have your query set to find the supporters you want, click on the "Show Results" button to sample list of up to 50 supporters.

You can also add additional Supporter or Custom Fields to the spot check list by clicking the orange plus button on the right of the field list: .

Using Query Actions on your list of Supporters

Once you've got your list prepared, you can use the Query Actions button to create a new group, modify the supporters' membership in an existing group, or export the list.

Group Membership

Under the on the "Query Actions" menu is the option to create a group or update membership in a group. In Salsa Engage there two types of groups: "Dynamic" groups which populate every 24 hours with supporters matching an attached Supporter Query, and "Static" groups which you add or remove supporters from manually.

Exporting your Supporters

Under the Query Actions menu is the option to export your supporters. Click that option and you can choose to include specific supporter or supporter customs--or click the "Add all" option to include them all. A csv file will be sent to your browser for download containing the requested data.

Save Your Query

Want to save your query for later use? you can use the Save Query button on the lower right to save it. You can also use the "Save as New" option to save a copy of an existing query and modify it to meet a new goal.

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