Supporter Query Actions

Using Query Actions on your list of Supporters

Once you've got your list prepared, you can use the Query Actions button to create a new group, modify the supporters' membership in an existing group, or export the list.

Group Membership

Under the on the "Query Actions" menu is the option to create a group or update membership in a group. In Salsa Engage there two types of groups: "Dynamic" groups which populate every 24 hours with supporters matching an attached Supporter Query, and "Static" groups which you add or remove supporters from manually.

Exporting your Supporters

Under the Query Actions menu is the option to export your supporters. Click that option and you can choose to include specific supporter or supporter customs--or click the "Add all" option to include them all. A csv file will be sent to your browser for download containing the requested data.

Save Your Query

Want to save your query for later use? you can use the Save Query button on the lower right to save it. You can also use the "Save as New" option to save a copy of an existing query and modify it to meet a new goal.

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